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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Photo contest at Qwirky Island!

Hello Fellow breeders,

We hope you had a chance to enter out Photo contest at Qwirky Island! Don’t forget to enter or vote for your favorite photo!

IF you have not already updated your squeaky to the new crate, you can pick up new
crates at any of our squeaky locations. Visit us at

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Hello fellow breeders!
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

There is a new crate available at all NsG Squeaky locations. It is the one with the red cushions.
Please delete any empty older crates from your inventory.

It seems that one of the last few rollings, the permissions on squeaky flipped making it impossible
for Squeaky to drop a nest. Now here’s the tricky part………only some of the crate vendors were effected and
not all……..great, eh? So that we’re all on the same page, please update your squeaky to the red crate. If you are not sure
what version your Squeaky are currently running:

1. right click on your squeaky, select edit
2. select edit linked parts
3. select left arm
4. If in the contents of the left arm you see a notecard with the title “R2” then you are running the most current version of Squeaky.

We at NsG are striving to stay ontop of the changes as they occur here at Inworldz each week. We appreciate your continued feedback
and reporting of issues. It is only with your feedback that we can continue to improve our product for the betterment of the grid.

For any issues, we encourage you to use the ticket system at

Best wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Total USER in Web Group :


Last Notice

☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞ Hello Fellow Breeders! There is a new update crate available at all Squeaky locations in my pics. Please delete any EMPTY crates you may have in inventory. As always, update crates are available free of charge. Simply rezz a new storage crate next to your squeaky pets. You will need one crate for each squeaky. From squeaky's menu, select 'STORE. Your squeaky will be stored in his crate and updated. At this point, you can either take the crate into your inventory, set it out for sale, or rezz out your Squeaky. Please note, if you have squeaky in your inventory crated in the old crates, you will want to rezz them out of inventory and recrate them so that they too are updated. I am sundowning all prior releases, and will not offer support for non updated squeaky after March 1st, 2015. What's new? 1. A pregnancy timer! Yeah! Thanks to our good friend Galfried Diesel for lending a hand in getting this feature up and running! 2. New Stabiltiy with the crate being left out and NOT going currupt! Yeah! Thanks to Jim Tarber, for his input and testing! We've had test crates out since Christmas and feel confident at this point that it is safe to leave the new crates out. 3. Description for age/sex/shine are now all noted when a full crate is pulled into inventory. Yeah italianxxxprincess cascarino! 4. The tombstone. If Squeaky should die of hunger, a tombstone will be raised in his honor. You can see this feature in the Valhalla of Squeaky located at the Wonderful World of Squeaky behind the Main store. The landmark is in my picks. Enter the Valhalla and click on a tombstone. We're still in the construction phase, but you'll get the idea :) Yeah! Thanks F0X Andretti! 5. New Crate features! Squeaky's blanket will take on the color blue for male, pink for female when a crate is full. Also, you'll be able to see Squeaky with his coat and features in the new crate without having to rezz him out. Yeah italianxxxprincess cascarino! 6. Inworldz messaging when your baby is born! Your Squeaky will message you when she's had her baby. Yeah! Thanks F0X Andretti! 7. Special Thanks. To Mom Of Squeaky italian princess Cascarino Scripter Creator and OW of NsG Breedable Uncle. F0X Andretti Builder Creator and OW of NsG Breedable Welcome to the new and Friend Galfried Diesel New Scripter and Friend of NsG Breedable and Jim Tarber all the time devoted to troubleshooting Grid .. Friendand Beta Tester of NsG Breedable Just a friendly reminder, if you have more than one home sweet home object, please place it a least 30m distance from each other so that Squeaky can find his home and food and does not get confused from the two homes responding to his calls. I have had a small issue with this since Feb 17th. Jim Tarber spent much time trying to repo the senerio with me. The end result is if we keep the homes 30m apart, there's no issue. As always I thank you for your continued support and I value your feedback! Visit us at Love, Squeaky ☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞ Enjoy xoxo Squeaky