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The Story Of the Squeaky!

Long ago brother and sister found themselves traveling through Brazil in search of the “Jewels of the Earth”. Legend has it the precious Jewels lay hidden along the Tropic of Capricorn in the lush rain forests. The brothers passed each day and night searching high and low along the foliage and dense grasses, but still they found no jewels. Until one day, they came across a most interesting creature. The creature looked similar to squirrel, but shared characteristics of the chipmunk and mongoose. The brothers were captivated by this little creature which was no taller than the height of their knees. They watched the animal each day as it played and ate and hopped around. The creature had a long lush tail, a button nose and bright wide eyes. Curious to learn more about the animal, the brothers asked some of the locals for more information. The local people did not believe that the brothers had seen such a creature in the rain forest. But the brothers were not discouraged, as they encountered various tribes they would inquire again and again about the little animal. No one had ever seen such an animal until one day they were approached by a very old woman. The woman was kind hearted and gentile and had a bright twinkle in her eye and a whimsical smile on her face. She invited the two brothers into her home to meet her family. Upon entering, the brothers found themselves surrounded by children of all ages. The women explained that she adored children but could not have any of her own. Until one day while walking she encountered a furry pink animal that squeaked a secret message. She called the animal Squeaky. The women and her husband began having children almost immediately. And one birth followed another until their home was filled with Joy and Laughter. The husband exclaimed, “Children are the Jewels of the Earth, and we are blessed to have them in our home”. The brothers were confused they too were looking for the “Jewels of the Earth”. But the brothers thought the jewels would be in the form or gems or gold coins. The elderly women explained. The Jewels of the Earth are those things in life one desires such as strength, happiness, love, and health. The Squeaky only appears to those in need. Each species holds unique characteristics. Those fortunate enough to encounter a Squeaky will have good luck. The fortune of the Squeaky will continue as long as they are welcomed into your heart, well groomed, fed and given a loving home. The women explained that these beautiful animals are found throughout the world and each unique breed has its own special qualities it possesses. The brothers returned to the rain forest where they discovered diverse Squeaky. A Chocolate Dream Squeaky was the possessor of comfort. A Cobalt which brought them peace and tranquility, A Rainbow Squeaky which was always the bearer of good news, A Black Forest Squeaky graced them with her Elegance, A cloudy Day Squeaky brought them security and the Cotton Candy Squeaky, the one that presented itself to the old women, was the possessor of Hope. Years later, the two brothers traveled to South Africa. There in the Neotropical regions they found the following Squeaky each with their own unique gifts: Tangerine Zebra = Courage Onyx Zebra = Good Health Safari Zebra = Enthusiasm Leopard Licorice = Compassion Leopard Cherry = Sincerity In China, the Ferrous families of Squeaky were discovered. Rich in iron ore, those Squeaky had coats dusted with metal. Golden Nugget = Happiness and Joy Bronze Metal = Creativity Silver Bullet = Success The brothers even found Squeaky in the Antarctic Desert. Midnight Havana = Wisdom Blush Havana Faith Smokey = Nobility In the European Mountain Ranges, the brothers discovered the Alpine Squeaky. Freckles = Conservativeness Red Bordeaux = Vibrancy Carnevale = Festive Piggy = Social Valentino = Love Each Squeaky appeared to the brothers during their time of need throughout their lives just as the old women had explained bringing balance to their lives. The brothers continue to travel the globe in search of their “Jewels of the Earth”. Who knows what fine qualities they might discover next…..Patience? Pride? Purity?


 Q: My Squeaky has a hunger level above zero and I do have nutrient in range. 

 A: Click on your Home Sweet home, then click on your nutrient to make sure it is not empty. Squeaky will eat the next cycle he is hungry and that number will drop over time until he is satisfied.

Q: How do I name my Squeaky? 

A: Click on Squeaky, from the menu click on “Name”, in local chat in this format, type the name you desire: name, George Clooney The next time you click on Squeaky he will display his new name. His name will be displayed on his storage crate if stored and also in inventory if taken into inventory. 

 Q: I don’t like the name I picked or I want to change Squeaky’s name. 

 A: Selecting the menu and clicking “Name” will rename your Squeaky. 

 Q: How many Squeaky’s can I have per Home?

A: We highly recommend limiting the amount of Squeakys to 10 in the same range.

Q: My Squeaky seems to be broken, his prims are not in the proper place.

A: Sim lag or having too many Squeaky’s connected to the same home sometimes causes Squeaky’s prims to not realign after an animation is complete. Simply click on Squeaky and he should realign himself. 

 Q: I clicked on the Squeakys Home while he was sleeping, now he’s up and won’t go back to sleep. 

A: Click on Squeaky, from the menu, click on “Sleep” once to disable sleep, then click “Sleep” again to enable sleep. Squeaky should return to his desired position. 

 Q: Can I take a pregnant Squeaky into inventory or put her in a storage crate? 

A: Yes, however you will forfeit the pregnancy. Squeaky will be elligible to become pregnant again during her next mating cycle. 

 Q: My Squeaky was born completely white. 

A: If for some reason the server is down, it will not texturize Squeaky. We will quickly work to resolve the server. Pack your Squeaky in a Storage Crate. When unpacked, Squeaky’s texture will apply. 

 Q: Does Squeaky Grow? 

A: Yep! Squeaky will grow for his first five years of life. One year = 24 hours. After day 5, Squeaky is an adult and can breed. A pregnancy will last 2 days (48 hours). When Squeaky’s pregnancy expires she will leave an NsG Sack. This is your unborn baby Squeaky. Click on it for a menu to Birth. If you choose not to birth the sack at that time, you must rezz an NsG Birthing Nest to store the sack. 

Q: Cool! I birthed a Squeaky with a skin I’ve never seen before! 

A: There are many skins Squeaky can take on! Squeaky will take on characteristics from his parents, grandparents and great grandparents ( just like humans!) New skins are unlocked with each Generation of Squeaky born. 

Q: Can Squeaky die of old age. 

A: Nope! Squeaky will not die of old age, Squeaky will only die from lack of nutrient. 

Q: O no! I forgot to feed my Squeaky and he died. Can he be reanimated?

A: No. Once dead, Squeaky can not be revived. 

Q: Can I sell my Squeaky? 

A: Yes, you can sell or give away your Squeaky as you like. Squeaky is transferable. We highly recommend Squeaky be sold or given away in a NsG Storage Crate. 

 Q: Is it possible to know the skin texture of an unborn Squeaky? 

 A: No, a pregnant Squeaky will always leave the same color Sack (Brown). His skin texture will be revealed when his is birthed.

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Last Notice

☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞ Hello Fellow Breeders! There is a new update crate available at all Squeaky locations in my pics. Please delete any EMPTY crates you may have in inventory. As always, update crates are available free of charge. Simply rezz a new storage crate next to your squeaky pets. You will need one crate for each squeaky. From squeaky's menu, select 'STORE. Your squeaky will be stored in his crate and updated. At this point, you can either take the crate into your inventory, set it out for sale, or rezz out your Squeaky. Please note, if you have squeaky in your inventory crated in the old crates, you will want to rezz them out of inventory and recrate them so that they too are updated. I am sundowning all prior releases, and will not offer support for non updated squeaky after March 1st, 2015. What's new? 1. A pregnancy timer! Yeah! Thanks to our good friend Galfried Diesel for lending a hand in getting this feature up and running! 2. New Stabiltiy with the crate being left out and NOT going currupt! Yeah! Thanks to Jim Tarber, for his input and testing! We've had test crates out since Christmas and feel confident at this point that it is safe to leave the new crates out. 3. Description for age/sex/shine are now all noted when a full crate is pulled into inventory. Yeah italianxxxprincess cascarino! 4. The tombstone. If Squeaky should die of hunger, a tombstone will be raised in his honor. You can see this feature in the Valhalla of Squeaky located at the Wonderful World of Squeaky behind the Main store. The landmark is in my picks. Enter the Valhalla and click on a tombstone. We're still in the construction phase, but you'll get the idea :) Yeah! Thanks F0X Andretti! 5. New Crate features! Squeaky's blanket will take on the color blue for male, pink for female when a crate is full. Also, you'll be able to see Squeaky with his coat and features in the new crate without having to rezz him out. Yeah italianxxxprincess cascarino! 6. Inworldz messaging when your baby is born! Your Squeaky will message you when she's had her baby. Yeah! Thanks F0X Andretti! 7. Special Thanks. To Mom Of Squeaky italian princess Cascarino Scripter Creator and OW of NsG Breedable Uncle. F0X Andretti Builder Creator and OW of NsG Breedable Welcome to the new and Friend Galfried Diesel New Scripter and Friend of NsG Breedable and Jim Tarber all the time devoted to troubleshooting Grid .. Friendand Beta Tester of NsG Breedable Just a friendly reminder, if you have more than one home sweet home object, please place it a least 30m distance from each other so that Squeaky can find his home and food and does not get confused from the two homes responding to his calls. I have had a small issue with this since Feb 17th. Jim Tarber spent much time trying to repo the senerio with me. The end result is if we keep the homes 30m apart, there's no issue. As always I thank you for your continued support and I value your feedback! Visit us at Love, Squeaky ☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞☜♥☞ Enjoy xoxo Squeaky